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Relationship Counseling

Relationship problems can be treated successfully through relationship therapy. Thus, the state of a happy, reciprocal, fulfilled and sympathetic partnership can restore.

The indication for relationship counseling is given when personal needs are not being fulfilled, mutual injuries (e.g. cheating) and accusations are predominant, the goals for both partners don’t fit anymore, there is hardly any similarities or common interests, the daily routine in the partnership is being controlled by carelessness of the both partners to one another, endearments and sexual contact is affected or the sexual needs don’t fit anymore or when partners feel misunderstood and hardly talk to each other.

Relationship counseling can break up continued and hardened communicational and behavioral patterns. In the course of this, the common problem areas and relationship goals have to be worked out. It can also be important to point out, if the couple even wants to stay together or wants to break up. Even one individual who wants to understand his/her relationship behavior and possibly wants to change something about it, can reflect why it didn’t work out in past relationships and learn new relationship skills in relationship counseling.