Dipl.-Psych. Lea Wuchner

  • Psychological psychotherapist (behavioral therapy)
  • Individual and group therapy, couples therapy and coaching (in German and English)
  • Treatment focus: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety treatment, trauma-related disorders, personality management and eating disorders

Professional qualifications

  • Graduate psychologist
  • Licensed psychological psychotherapist (focus on behavior therapy)
  • Expertise in group psychotherapy
  • Additional qualification in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy of Borderline Personality Disorder (DBT)
  • Autogenic training and PMR according to Jacobson
  • Entered in the medical register of the Hessen Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVH)
  • Member of the Chamber of Psychotherapists (Hessen) and of the German Psychotherapeutic Association (DPTV)

Personal characteristics
and working style

My approach as a psychological psychotherapist with a focus on behavior therapy is integrative and cross-method. This means that I flexibly combine elements of different forms of therapy (e.g. from dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and special psychotrauma therapy (CTT)) in an overall therapeutic concept. Taking into account your needs, strengths, resources and in exchange with you, we will develop a suitable and individually tailored therapy concept. In doing so, I am guided by the latest scientific findings.

I consider it essential to meet at eye level, to remain as open-minded and appreciative as possible. I encounter different life plans, attitudes and relationship models in a neutral and tolerant manner. I attach great importance to the therapeutic relationship, empathy and trust and an authentic appearance. In therapy, it is particularly important to me to analyze problems with you and work out solutions. Because patients know themselves best and are specialists in their individual career and their current life. Not only learning new content, but also relearning (e.g. through different perspectives, inner distance and the activation of already existing resources) helps people to free themselves from stressful states and to reevaluate themselves in order to enable changes . It is my goal that you not only learn to cope with the current stress or crisis, but also to be able to face future stress independently and safely.

In addition to my many years of therapeutic training as a psychological psychotherapist, I have gained a wide range of professional experience in the outpatient and clinical area as well as in business (personnel development and recruiting). During my stay abroad in Canada, I developed a preference for the English language and therefore offer therapy and coaching / counseling in English as well.


You can have a look at my curriculum vitae by clicking on this Link.